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2023-07-16 Considerably expanded and improved the paper The Effect of Bank Angle and Weight on VMCA for a larger audience. Click here.
2023-04-16 Added a limited review of the DA 42 Airplane Flight Manual. Click here.
2023-01-25 Improved the papers #1 to #3 on the Downloads page. Click here.
2022-11-20 Added a critical review of the NTSB specialist and final reports of an accident with a Beech 300 after engine failure in KADS. Click here.
2022-11-20 Added a critical review of the Dutch TSB report on a runway excursion incident with a B747-400 ERF. Click here.
For review in Dutch language click here.
2022-04-26 Harry Horlings of AvioConsult has been appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau by the King of the Netherlands for rendering outstanding service of national and international importance. Most of his rewarding contributions are presented on this website. For info on the Royal Honours and Decorations, click here.
2022-03-28 The US National FAA Safety Team Program Manager asked to use the documents presented on this website for use in FAA Safety Seminar Real Value of VMCA. Click here.
2022-03-05 Added a critical review of ATR Flight and Performance manuals. Click here.
2021-07-28 Added a few documents for download to the Faro page (DC-10 accident). Click here.
2021-07-07 Fixed broken link of the One Engine Inoperative Aerodynamics trainer of University of North Dakota, click here.
2021-01-06 Paper "Airplane Control and Analysis of Accidents after Engine Failure" is made available for free download, click here.
2020-10-06 Added URL's to course books of USNTPS and USAFTPS on the Links page,
click here.
2019-10-31 Toegevoegd: "Verhaal Faro ongeval 21 dec. 2012 t/m 28 okt. 2019",
click here.
2019-06-01 Added paper: "Safety-critical Procedure Development Requires High Level Multi-disciplinary Knowledge", click here.
2019-05-20 New telephone number, click here.
2018-01-20 Added report: "The last 80 seconds of flight MP495", click here.
2017-08-23 Rapport toegevoegd:"De laatste 80 sec. van vlucht MP495" op
2016-05-15 Added a review of the Safety Report of a fatal go-around accident with a Cessna- 310Q, click here.
2016-05-14 Added a review of the Safety Report of a takeoff accident with an EMB-120ER, click here.  Updated a few papers.
2016-03-24 Added FAA publication Flying Light Twins Safely with strongly recommended improvements, click here.
2016-01-16 Dutch public TV2 presented two documentaries on the Martinair DC-10 accident on Faro airport, Portugal on 12 and 16 January 2016.  Links added, click here.

Older news not included anymore