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2017-08-23 Rapport toegevoegd:"De laatste 80 sec. van vlucht MP495" op Downloads-NL;
Started website improvement.
2016-12-26 Site maintained and SSL secured
2016-05-15 Added a review of the Safety Report of a fatal go-around accident with a Cessna- 310Q, click here.
2016-05-14 Added a review of the Safety Report of a takeoff accident with an EMB-120ER, click here.  Updated a few papers.
2016-03-24 Added FAA publication Flying Light Twins Safely with strongly recommended improvements, click here.
2016-01-16 Dutch public TV2 presented two documentaries on the Martinair DC-10 accident on Faro airport, Portugal on 12 and 16 January 2016.  Links added, click here.
2015-12-31 Site maintenance
2015-10-16 Added Test Pilot Course Chapter on asymmetric powered flight, click here.
2015-05-06 Improved pages for viewing on mobile devices.
2014-11-11 Added a pdf file with slides and script used in the video, click here.
2014-11-04 Added links to a new video on YouTube about VMCA and two fatal accidents caused by not observing the constraints that come with VMCA, but that are not published anymore in Airplane Flight Manuals.
2014-09-13 Added new versions of formal FAA and EASA Flight Test Guides on VMC testing in the reference list on the Downloads page.
2014-04-16 Presented a paper to Symposium Aviation Disasters, organized by Aeronautical Students Association Sipke Wynia. Download here.
2014-02-04 Site maintenance.
2014-01-22 Added the accident investigation report of the accident with a Britten-Norman BN-2 near the island of Bonaire on 22 Oct. 2009. Many comments included.  Refer to the Accidents page.
2014-01-13 Added the presentation presented to the Court in Amsterdam. 
NL: Toegevoegd de lezing voor de rechtbank te Amsterdam
, klik hier.
2013-10-01 Added a pdf of the presentation of the analysis of the Faro accident, presented to the NVvL, the Dutch Association of Aeronautical Engineers.  Refer to the Dutch Downloads page.
NL: Toegevoegd een pdf van de lezing over de Analyse van het Faro ongeval gegeven voor de NVvL op 26 sept. 2013.
Klik hier.
2013-10-1 Published an article on Controlability of engine-out airplanes in the German magazine Pilot und Flugzeug.
2013-01-15 Added a review of an accident with a PA-31P-350 in Bankstown, Australia, 15 june 2010. Refer to the Accidents page.
2013-01-15 Added a review including recommendations for improvement of CAAP 5.23-2(0). Refer to the Downloads page.
2012-12-20 NNew version of the analysis (in Dutch) of the accident with a DC-10 at Faro airport 21 dec. 1992 added for download. Refer to the Dutch downloads page./a>
2012-08-26 Added review of FAA-H-8083-3A, transition to Multi-engine Airplanes, Chapter 12.  Refer to the Downloads page.
2012-08-05 Added new version of paper Imperfections FAR & EASA CS 23 and 25.  Refer to the Downloads page.
2012/07/23 Added a review and recommendations for improvement of the FAA Multi/Engine Safety Review Course. Refer to the Downloads page.
2012-04-14 New paper for and accident investigators, (engineering) test pilots, flight instructors, manual writers and interested pilots. This paper replaces an older paper.  Refer to the Downloads page.
2012-01-20 New paper Control and Performance During Asymmetrical Powered Flight, for multi-engine rated pilots. Refer to the Downloads page.
2011-05-31 New version DC-10 accident analysis.  Refer to the Dutch downloads page.
2011-02-18 AAnalysis (in Dutch) of accident DC-10 at Faro airport 21 dec. 1992 added for download. Refer to the Dutch downloads page./a>
2010-07-29 Improved the paper on controlling airplanes after engine failure. 
2009-02-10 A new analyses was written on the Hercules accident using a  confidential report, at the request of the author of a new book on the subject.  This analysis is not available for public release due to proprietary and copyrights.
2008-12-01 Article published in Dutch Magazine Pilot and Airplane.  The first draft of this article, Airplane Control after Engine Failure - Tail Design Imposed Limitations is also available from the Downloads page in EN and NL languages. 
2008-10-01 New version of the Analysis of Boeing 737 FCTM. Click here.
2008-09-01 Added a 4-page paper on airplane control after engine failure.  Refer to the Downloads page.
2008-04-03 Added an improved press release to the Downloads page.
2008-03-25 The translated analysis of a Hercules accident was added for download. Refer to the Downloads page.
2008-02-29 Added a new page: Downloads page.
2008-02-22 The analysis of a Boeing 737-200/300/400 FCTM was added for download. Refer to the Accidents page.
2008-01-21 Added pdf versions of a number of accidents as supplemental analysis. Refer to the Accidents page.
2007-12-12 Reports and papers are now downloadable for free.  
2007-09-03 The AAnalysis of the controllability of the crashed Saab SF-340B at Schiphol Airport, 4 April 1994, during the final flight phase, will be used for investigator training.  
2007-06-15 Paper The Effect of Bank Angle and Weight on VMCA, version 2, added for download.
2007-05-23 An interview on the research of AvioConsult on the subject of prevention of accidents after engine failure on national TV was aired today.  Click here to go to the downloads page of the Dutch TV station to view the broadcast. 
2007-01-04 Small improvements in paper 'Staying Alive with a Dead Engine' .  
2006-08-18 Added comments on the FAA course Multi-Engine Safety Review for download. 
2006-08-16 Corrected an error in the downloadable Analysis Piper PA-44 Seminole documents.pdf in paragraph 4.1: The step to "establish 2 to 3 deg bank into the inoperative engine comes a little late" should of course be 'away from the inoperative engine' or 'into the operative engine'.  The file has been replaced.
Thanks Bernard!
2006-08-07 Added comments on an MU-2B accident.
2006-07-07 Added comments on accident reports.
2006-06-19 Added comments on a few accident investigation reports.
2006-03-17 The paper 'Staying Alive with a Dead Engine' , that was presented at the European Aviation Safety Seminar (EASS) of the Flight Safety Foundation in Athens, Greece on 14 March 2006 is added for free download on the Accidents page.
2006-01-01 AvioConsult is invited by the Flight Safety Foundation/font to present a paper 'Staying Alive with a Dead Engine' at the European Aviation Safety Seminar (EASS) in Athens, Greece on 14 March 2006.